2015 – Web Gis

This is GIS App for government / tax department to check tax object, manage, analyze income tax and analyze land value. The app is separated to several different app for different purposes and different users.

Tax Object Locator

Below is tax object locator. Used to locate tax object that in this app is a billboards. Used for operator to locate the position, status, type of billboard, and payment status. User can view which object should be given letter of notification, letter of warning, or even letter of demolition.


Below is menu preview of tax object locator. User / Operator can save location to bookmark, they can manage the map which layer will be shown by using checklist or using drag and drop to change the position. User can also change the base map.


Here is the iconography used for Tax Object Locator.


Below is the Android version of Tax Object Locator. User / Operator can locate the position using GPS.

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  • 6

Land Value and Mapping

Below is the app to locate tax object that in this app is a land. Used for Operator and Executive to analyze land value, and tax income. User can compare by type of land, zone land, value of land, and tax value of land. User can view legend (info) to understand the meaning of colour.


Below is used for executive to analyze income tax. View chart of total amount tax income, income per quarter, percentage of income, and compare income to last year.


And here is the Android version of land Value and Mapping.

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Map Management

Below is an app to manage GIS Map. Used for Admin/Engineer to manage services in GIS Map.


Each menu displayed as a window that you can minimize so you can manage / change settings simultaneously.


Below is iconography used in Map Management.


Web Admin

This app is used for Admin to manage website, services, user, addon, and more.


Below is iconography used in Web Admin.